Friday, May 16, 2014

Avon India Mumbai Office

My Avon India Mumbai Office

I am just back from Delhi from the Avon Star Convention. It was a all VIP function. I am super excited!

The reason is my new Avon India Mumbai Office:
G-220, Raghuleela Mall,
Kandivali West, Mumbai.

I realized that the most critical steps in building a team is having a Avon outlet where Avon fans can come and get their Avon Membership formalities completed for becoming an Avon Mumbai representatives.

You must see what I am up to over the few months because the next wave of Avon leaders will be born from this new Avon India Mumbai Office.

If you missed the Avon rally or couldn't get on due to you being busy with other things then, you need to Join Avon India Now!

Seriously, if you serious about making big money in Network Marketing in India in 2014 and make tons of profit with your efforts and my support, join us and become a member of Avon.

If you are a MLM Leader from India, my Question to you is how badly do you want success?

Would you work 2-4 hours if you get a 6-figure income this year? The Avon game is on.  So register in Avon now! You want results in your life?

We're teaching how to leverage your time and generate a growing business with Avon. YOU should be using the Avon system to grow your business each and every day by brochure circulation.

You are sitting on a goldmine. Seriously, register in Avon and get a cutting edge training system to get started with Avon the right way. Set up your account & contact your target market and avoid the common pit falls Avon Representatives face.

Now its time to turn the tables and get good results to create a good future for yourself. There are people that want Avon beauty products badly. You can serve them easily because they are searching for Avon. You can spread your Avon business across your social networks and neighborhood.

Become a Avon Leader and build a team of Avon Representatives from all corners of India. Follow a simple daily routine and continue to do what your are already doing to get more customers from your friend circle on social media.

I will teach you simple tweaks that will improve your results in the Avon business. You will learn how to use brochures the right way to get more customers and Avon sign ups.

You'll be able to quickly and easily tap into your friend circle and even people you just know by face to get Avon in the spotlight for hot new customers and prospects now!!

Talk to you soon!

If you join Avon or buy Avon products, just call me on 9322265963


Mrs Anjani
Avon Advanced Unit Leader
Mobile: 9322265963