Sunday, September 23, 2012

Avon Membership in Kolkata

Hi Friend,

Thanks for your email. Please see answers to your
questions below:

1] is membership free?
Ans- Free for Representatives, Rs 500 for leaders
2] do I need to purchase products when i join or i can
join and purchase products later on?
Ans- yes, order of approx 1250 required while joining.
3] are the brochures chargeable?
Ans- 1 is free, rest is chargable.
4]how much sales is needed to earn good? is there any
system/structure to earn?
Ans-What is good for you? please define. Structure is
5] if i am not satisfied with the products is there a
refund policy?
6] is the business more about selling products or do i
need to recruit more people ?
Ans-Recruiting is key
7]do  i need to be good seller to earn?
Ans-yes, to be a role model
8] if i wish to leave the avon business after some
time how can i do that?
Ans-stop placing orders
9] can i sell the products from the display in the
10] i have been approached by other chain marketing
companies also who tell that the company provides them
cars and holidays abroad. is it present in avon too?

You can work directly with me, if you wish. I will
give you leads of people who want to join Avon in
Kolkata and you can put them under your team. Let me
know if you want to proceed.


Avon Advanced Unit Leader

About Anjani: Anjani is a retired school teacher based
in Mumbai. She is a Reiki Grand Master, Astrologer and
Advanced Unit Leader with Avon. Her team is spread all
across India, including Pune, Dehli, Bangalore,
Chennai, Kolkata, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Ahmedabad,
Nagpur, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, etc.

On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 11:43:44 +0530 wrote
>Dear Anjani,

I saw an Avon brochure recently and read your blogs on
the internet.I am interested to join Avon but
confusion prevails as i do not know how much can i
earn from this opportunity.
Can u fill me up on certain gaps? -

kindly help me with the following questions and also
the name and contact number of your any representative
who is working in kolkata (south)

warm regards,

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