Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get Avon Membership in India

How to Get Avon Membership

Often I get calls and the frequently asked question is 'how to get Avon membership?'

Its simple.

  • Just call or WhatsApp me on 9322265963
  • I will explain you the Avon application process
  • Just fill the form & Attach your documents 
  • Place your first order and done!
Avon membership fee

Friends the fee is zero. Avon membership has always been free and anyone can start the Avon business and make tons of money by taking orders and making members

How to place Avon order

Your first order goes with your form. Your second order you can place online and pay by your credit card/debit card. Products will come by courier to your home address.

Be active by placing 1 or more orders in a month.

Your order can be of any amount but I recommend you place sufficient order so that you will get free home delivery.

If you are basically buying for yourself and friends, you don't have to worry about the amount. Just place your order when you want.

If your purpose is to make money, I can help you become a leader and develop your team after you become a Representative.

To complete your Avon Membership joining formalities as a Representative, you can call me on 9322265963 or WhatsApp on 9322265963

I keep getting such beautiful emails from all over India:

Hi Anjani,
I would like to take up the Avon membership as a representative.  I have read the details and I have a
query. First time I have to pay in bank and the second order can be placed through credit card. Is it only credit card or even I can pay through net banking or debit cards?

And one more question is that in order to become an active member is there any particular amount of order that has to be placed or how much ever is also fine?

Regards, Varsha


Avon Advanced Unit Leader
Mobile: 09322265963


WhatsApp on 9322265963

About Anjani:

Anjani is a retired school teacher based in Mumbai. She is a Reiki Grand Master, Astrologer and Advanced Unit Leader with Avon.


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