Friday, May 11, 2012

Looking for Avon Membership?


To join Avon you need to be 18+ and you should have
address proof and photo id.

Procedure is simple, just fill the form, attach the
document and give it to your Avon Leader with your
first order.

If you would like to join with me you can call me on

Joining fee for Representative is ZERO. For becoming a
Leader it is Rs 500 (to be paid later along with your
product payment). As a Leader you can earn more money.



About Anjani: Anjani is a retired school teacher. She
is a Reiki Grand Master, Astrologer and Advanced Unit
Leader with Avon

On Mon, 07 May 2012 20:46:16 +0530 wrote
> hi I want to join avon, kindly guide me wat is the
procedure?wat is fee?and wat documents r required?
looking forward for ur reply

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Avon membership in Jalandhar, Punjab

Hi Monika,

I guess you have just filled the online form, isnt it?

You have to fill a hard copy form and submit documents
along with your first order.

Call me on 9322265963 if you have not submitted any

Once you get your ID number then you can order online.


Avon Advanced Unit Leader

On Sat, 28 Apr 2012 21:41:18 +0530 wrote
>Hi Anjani, i m Monika from Jalandhar. I applied to
become the member of avon. I also fill the
registration form. how should I know that I m
registered. One thing more Avon kit also coming to me.
Is it? plz tell me the procedure of oneline shopping.
who will be my team leader and which person i should
contact ? how should i purchase the products which i
see on the net.

plz reply soon.

thanx a lot


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Avon Agency in Pune, Kolhapur

Hi Friend,

I am an Avon Advanced Leader. You can tell your sister
in law to call me on 9322265963. I will explain her
how to get the Avon Agency in Kolhapur.

Regarding your requirements... let me understand it
better. If you can call me sometime today we can
discuss it.

My number is 9322265963



Advanced Unit Leader

On Mon, 30 Apr 2012 15:59:20 +0530 wrote
>HI Anjana,
I got your mail id from web search. I would like to
take agency of AVON for my sister in law at Kolhapur.
Can u please guide whom to contact regarding that. 

I am also a regular customer of AVON products like
lipstics, nail polish, Shampoo, talc, whitening lotion
etc. and searching for a representative in Pune also. 
Please guide me for both. Awaiting your reply. 
Thanks & Regards


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Avon account number

Hi friend,

To get Avon Account number you have to register with
Avon by filling a form and submitting your photo id
proof and address proof and 2 photos.

Along with this you need to place your first order
above 1,000.

Then you will get your account number.

If you want to apply for Avon account, you can call me
on 9322265963.


Avon Advanced Leader

On Thu, 03 May 2012 13:54:41 +0530 wrote
>kindly tell me how can i get avon account?


Avon Leader
Mobile: 9322265963
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