Friday, February 3, 2012

Newbie Avon member questions

Hi, I Prefer doing cash deposit in bank for my Avon
Orders if I have not placed my order online.

I try to avoid calling the Rep center and find ways of
solving the problem my self without involving them as
much as possible.

I usually make my payment by credit card while placing
your order online.

Thats the best way...


Avon Leader

On Sat, 04 Feb 2012 09:58:29 +0530 wrote

I tried the netbanking option and I wasn't successful.
Weirdly enough. I'm fairly good with internet banking
as I use it to pay a lot of friends/shopping etc.

The Avon guys gave me the following instructions for
netbanking with Axis. The beneficiary name was AXIS
(REP NAME) and the beneficiary account number was 1121
(my rep ID).

I found this all very strange because normally a bank
beneficiary name and # are fixed and not changeable
according to names etc. When I proceeded with this
info, my bank told me I had entered an invalid ID.

The banking slip you get with the parcel has a banking
ID which has already been entered. This bank account
number is different and has no such format (1121 rep

If anyone else has done netbanking I would love to
hear about thier experience and correct me if I'm
doing it wrong.



--- In, "Anjani "

> Hi Deepa,

> 1-I have not tried net banking... Is there anyone in
the group who can share this info?

> 2-Namaste etc you can see after you place your
online order, not otherwise.

> 3-Yes, you get paid for orders placed(awards sales)

> 4-No, there's no fine if you dont place order.

> 5-Yes, commission is on total order.

> 6-See it on 3rd last page of the catalogue.

> 7-You can find this in your members section for each

> Hope this helps!

> Anyone has any other question in the group or anyone
would like to add

> anything to what I have shared?

> Regards,

> Anjani

> On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 17:08:06 +0530 wrote

> >Hi Anjani,

> I recently became a member and placed my first
order. Wanted some info that I can't seem to find on
your blog.

> 1. What bank requisites to use and details to add
when paying my invoice through Axis netbanking?

> 2. I can't seem to find the link on AvonXceed to
access the member's

> area where we can find Namaste, Supersavers, etc.

> 3. If I'm not mistaken, Award sales get counted by
the orders placed,

> regardless of out of stock items. Does the volume
discount work in


> the same way, ie, If I place an order for items
worth rs 3500 but

> receive goods of only rs 1500, would the volume
discount be counted at

> 25% or 15%?

> 4. If I don't place any orders for a month or two,
is there any fine?

> 5. If I place orders more than once in a month, does
the volume


> discount apply to the total across the month or only
on each individual order?

> 6. Where can I find the dates to campaign end and


> 7. You mentioned that reps have Order Days. I have
not been informed

> of one. How do I find out which day am I allowed to
place my order

> on? I will be ordering through the online form only.

> I think that's all I have for now. Thanks for your

> Regards,

> Deepa

> Regards,

> Anjani

> Avon Leader
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