Monday, February 20, 2012

I Want to Buy Avon Products

Hi Preeti,

I check mails once a week so guess its a bit late for
feb brochure.

In future just give me a call on 9322265963.

To answer your questions:
1. the 11 digit no is the Rep ID no.
2. You need to be a Rep to order online
3. It makes sense to become a Rep only if you have
good orders every month because other wise there are
courier charges and other hassels
4. If you are not regular in ordering, your account
will get removed.
5. Reps make payment online by Credit card, COD or
Bank cash deposit.
6. It takes 4-7 working days to get the order by

If you want to make some extra Cash, You can join Avon
and I will guide you. If you want to buy for your self
only, its better to order from a Representative.


Avon Leader

On Sat, 18 Feb 2012 13:08:04 +0530 wrote
>Dear Madam,
I was on struggling to buy avon products online when I
saw your blog and facebook account.
Mam, what I just want to buy avon products from
broucher 21 jan - 18 feb wala.
There is a free gift :)) on buying the products for
Rs. 599.
My list is so small
4 no. Little black Dress perfumed body spray (that 2
for Rs. 399)
1 no. Avon naturals handgel peech Rs. 99/-
Madam, I have some question about online shopping and
I hope you can answer for them
1) I tried for online shopping but failed. actually
not failed but m too confused since they asked for a/c
no (11 digit) for online registration. Is it just
any 11 digit number or our saving bank account no???

2) Do I need representative for online shopping??
3) Is it compulsory to purchase avon products every
4) What if I failed to purchase product on monthly
5) what about the payment procedure/method ie. before
delivery or COD?? What about the shipping mode and
does avon charges for them?
6) How long avon take time to deliver the products?
I am waiting for your reply.

Warm Regards
Preeti Kathet

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