Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Join Avon India

How to Join Avon India:

If you are above 18 years you can become an Avon Representative in India.

First of all you need to get in touch with an experienced Avon Leader who can guide you properly. 

If you don't know any Avon Leader, just fill this form after you complete reading this article and we will ask an experienced Leader to get in touch with you.

You second step is to understand the basics:
1 How much you will your commission
2 How to circulate brochures among your friends 
3 How to get extra brochures
4 How to collect orders 
5 how to place order
Documents Required to become an Avon Representative are:
1 A copy of your address proof: (Any of the following: Driving license
Ration card, Passport, Electricity bill, etc.)

2 A copy of your photo id proof. (Any of the following: PAN card,Driving licence, Passport, etc.)

3 Two passport size photographs. 

Your leader will give you 1 copy of the latest Avon Beauty Products brochure. You 
can show the Avon brochure to your friends and collect orders from them. You will 
feel the need of additional brochures because customers like to take the brochure 
home and see it in their free time. You can order additional brochures with your first 

Once you collect orders above Rs 1-2000, fill the order form. If you place an order 
above 1750 you will get free home delivery. 

Give your Registration form, address proof, photo ID, 2 photographs and your order 
form to your Leader. She will submit your documents to Avon. After a week you will 
get your products and your Avon ID Card.

Besides your Avon Representative ID card and your products the parcel will also
contain your Invoice, payment slip, flyers, next month's brochure, etc.

Now you can start distributing the products to your customers. Once you give the 
products and collect your payment, make your payment to Avon within 2-3 days in 
any AXIS Bank branch or Punjab National Bank Branch using the payment slip 

I always do my payment on the next day because if payment is not done you can not place another order. I have lots of customers so I can not afford to make my 
customers wait. Secondly, if payment is delayed more than 15 days there is legal 
action by the legal department of Avon. 
How to become a Leader:
Once you understand how Avon works and you can explain others, you can become an Avon Leader. 

You need a lot of patience and you must have a desire to help others if you want to become a Leader.

If you have this quality, click here ti find out more about the Avon Leadership 

If you have any questions please email me on

Avon Sales Leader


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