Saturday, May 7, 2011

Avon Online Shopping in India

To order your avon beauty products online, you can see the avon brochure online and if you are a representative log into your account and place your online order with Avon.

How to place order in Avon:
Once you become a Representative, you can place your order on phone and also 
on the Avon Beauty Products website

You can place your order once every week, that means a maximum of 4 times in a month. You leader will tell you the cut off date before which you need to place your 
order every week.  

You will be able to order your Avon Beauty Products online or on phone directly by giving your Avon Representative ID no. 

Only Avon Representatives can place orders because they have the ID number.
While placing your order you have to tell the product code and the quantity to the 
customer service officer.

Now its possible to place an avon online order.

How to place order online on Avon Beauty Products website:

Once you have your Representative ID no you can register yourself on the Avon 
Beauty Products website. 

Once you register online with your ID no, you can log into your account with your
 ID and password. After logging in you can see various tabs  and you can click on 'place your order' and proceed. 

Avon online shopping has become very easy now. 

If you are not yet an Avon Representative, you if you want to become a Representative just fill the form below and an Avon Leader form my team will call you within a few days.

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