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Avon Beauty Products Mumbai

Avon Beauty Products Mumbai

Hi Friends,

How to join Avon Beauty Products in Mumbai, Vashi, Thane as a Representative.
My Name is Anjani. I am a retired school teacher and a Leader with Avon Beauty 
Products in Mumbai. I joined as a Avon Representative in Mumbai in 2009 and then I was promoted as an Avon Sales Leader in the same year. Since then, I am helping 
others to join Avon and become successful. Many Representative in my group have also been promoted as a Leader.

Avon History:
Avon Beauty Products is a 125 year old, US based company. 
Avon gives women an opportunity to earn an extra income with its home based 
business. Avon distributors, dealers, agents, members are officially known as 
Representatives. Anyone above 18 years can join Avon Beauty Products as a 
Representatives. Avon beauty products membership is FREE in India. To becoming an Avon Beauty Products Representative all you need a desire to grow and earn.
Avon is present all across India, in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, etc, and you can find an Avon Representativesnear you in almost all locations within any metro city. For example, in Mumbai, you 
will find Representatives in Navi Mumbai, Thane, Vashi, Vasai, Virar, Andheri, 
Borivali, Powai, Bandra, Khar, Santacruz, Colaba, Juhu, Mulund, etc.

How to Join Avon Beauty Products India:
Let me explain you the Avon joining procedure. To become an Avon Representative 
in India, first of all you need to contact the Avon Leader who is experienced. If you 
dont know anyone I can give you contact no of a Leader who is in your city. If you 
are in or around Mumbai you can work with me and follow the success steps by 
which many people have got success in Avon in my group.

Once you get in touch with an experienced leader, you need to understand the basics:
1 How much you will earn
2 How many brochures you need
3 How to circulate brochures in your friend circle
4 How to collect orders
Once you understand this you can fill the Avon registration form. As I said earlier, Avon membership is FREE.

Documents Required to become an Avon Representative are:
First document that you need to give us is a copy of your address proof.
Documents accepted as address proof are:
Driving license
Ration card
Electricity bill, etc.

Second document that you need to give us is a copy of your photo id proof.
Documents accepted as photo id proof are:
PAN card
Driving licence
Passport, etc.

Lastly I will need 2 passport size photographs. 

We will also give you 1 copy of the latest Avon Beauty Products brochure. You can 
show the Avon brochure to your friends and collect orders from them. 

Once you get some order above Rs 1000-2000 your Leader will explain you how to 
fill the order form. I recommend that you place an order above 1750 so you get free 
home delivery. This makes things easy.

Along with your first order, you can place an order for additional brochures so that 
you can reach more customers in less time. You get lots of orders when you let 
your customer take the brochure home for 1-2 days.

Once you give your Registration form, address proof, photo ID, 2 photographs and 
your order form to us, we will submit your Application form to Avon and after a week you will get all your products.

After a week or so when you get your parcel by courier, along with the products you will also get an Avon Representative ID card, Invoice, payment slip, flyers, next 
month's brochure and a few other things. 

Check everything in the box and then you can start to distribute your products to your customers. When you give the products, collect your payment because you have to make your payment to Avon within 2-3 days.

Payment to Avon
You can do your payment to Avon in any AXIS Bank branch or Punjab National Bank Branch. You can use the payment slip that you will get with your order to make the 
payment. Payment should be done as soon as possible otherwise there is a fine. If 
payment is delayed more than 15 days there is legal action by legal department of 
Avon. I always do my payment on the next day because if payment is not done you 
can not place another order. I have lots of customers so I can not afford you make 
my customers wait.

How to place order in Avon:
You can place order on phone and also on the Avon Beauty Products website once 
you become a Representative. You can place your order once every week, that 
means a maximum of 4 times in a month. You leader will tell you the cut off date 
before which you need to place your order.  You will be able to order your Avon 
Beauty Products online or on phone directly by giving your Avon Representative ID 
Only Avon Representatives can place orders because they have the ID number. 
While placing your order you have to tell the product code and the quantity.

How to place order online on Avon Beauty Products website:
Once you have your Representative ID no you can register yourself on the Avon 
Beauty Products website. Once you register online with ID no, you can log into 
your account with your ID and password. After logging in you can see various 
tabs and you can click on 'place your order' and proceed.

How to become a Leader:
Once you understand the basics of how to place order and how Avon works, ask 
yourself if you can explain and guide others.
If you want to become a Leader you need a lot of patience and you must have a 
desire to help others.
If you have this quality, find out more about the Avon Leadership Opportunity from 
me or your Leader and upgrade yourself to become a Avon Leader. 

If you have any questions please email me on

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